What To Expect

What is a typical worship like?

Our first priority is to see you connect to God. We know you want to hear what God says to you. To that end, we focus on everything around God’s written, errorless, and authoritative Word, the Bible.

No matter which congregation you attend, you will be warmly greeted and handed a bulletin, which describes the order of service. We typically start off with a call to worship, which is usually a short Bible reading to help us focus on God. Then there is corporate singing, in which we declare God’s greatness and lift high the Cross of Jesus. After singing, church members worship through offering. As our guest, please do not feel obligated to give to SWCBC, and feel free to just pass the offering bag on. After special music or Bible reading, you will listen to the pastor’s message, followed by prayer and a response song. The presider will give key announcements to connect you to the life of the church, and the pastor will close the service with a benediction, which is a blessing to remind us that we are to live for Jesus.