What To Expect

What kind of church is SWCBC?

The answer lies in our name, “Southwest Chinese Baptist Church.” First, we are “Southwest,” in that we are committed to serving the people living in Southwest Houston. We are “Chinese” in that we have ministered to mainly Cantonese-speaking at our founding in 1981. We have the most experience reaching out to Cantonese and American born Chinese (“ABC’s”), but our desire and priority is to welcome multiethnic diversity.   We are “Baptist” in denominational affiliation, and ascribe to the Baptist Faith and Message (1963).   Lastly, we are a “church” in that we believe, with all other Bible-believing, Gospel-centered churches, that God has saved us by grace through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ alone.    We are more than a gathering or a social club. We are created by God to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever, rescued by Jesus from sin, and called to spread His Gospel to all nations.