Southwest Chinese Baptist Church exists to beat God’s heartbeat for: 

  1. His glory
  2. Church maturity
  3. Gospel priority



We check our pulse to see if we are

  1. Connected to Christ 
  2. Connected to the church body
  3. Connected to the community



 MissionFlow EN


L = Language.  Even though we speak different languages, we speak a common love language - unity and harmony in Christ.

= Ordained equal and complementary roles. Husbands are to be Christ-like servant leaders and wives are their godly helpers.

= Vibrant community.  We share spiritual life together as a church family to show Christ’s love to the community. 

E = Evangelism.  We emphasize equipping the church to engage in personal evangelism.

S = Sound doctrine. We are committed to the authority of Scripture and relevant teaching that transforms lives.

W = Welcoming. We minister best to American and overseas-born Chinese, but our desire and commitment is to welcome cultural diversity.

C = Children and youth.    Our prayer is for younger generations to follow God and serve Him.

B= Biblical discipleship.  God calls us to be a Great Commission church striving to be authentic, mature disciples of Christ.

C = Christ.  At SWCBC, everything we do is to love Christ and make His love known in Stafford, Houston, and to the world.